About Us

Intelligence for Smart Hiring Decisions

Hire Image - A Certified Background Check CompanyHire Image LLC is a certified background check company with representatives in Rhode Island, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. We are specialists in the fields of employment background checks, drug screening tests, criminal background checks, international background checks, post-employment screening services, and tenant background checks.

Heightened safety, security, and legal concerns of everyday life, combined with greater employee and customer turnover, has led to an increased interest in background checks and screening.

Since 2005, Hire Image LLC has protected thousands of companies like yours because we provide accurate and certified background checks and background screenings in addition to many other complementary investigative services such as criminal record searches and civil searches, employment, education and professional license verifications, motor vehicle record searches, address and social security number traces, as well as credit reporting services.

We succeed because we consider ourselves valued partners in the success of our client’s companies. Our thorough background checks and screenings enable our clients to make well-informed hiring and retention decisions while remaining compliant. We work with national and international companies, small businesses, and large corporations to ensure they “hire” the right people in their own “image.”

We enable our clients to make well-informed hiring and retention decisions

At Hire Image, our only focus is background checks and screening. We concentrate on our business, so you can concentrate on yours.