Need to Run Background Checks in Florida?

Hire Image provides comprehensive and certified Florida background checks including the following:

  • Employment background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug screening tests
  • Educational verifications
  • Driving record searches

Florida State Laws

Ban the Box/Fair Chance Hiring Rules

Currently, Florida has no statewide Ban the Box or Fair Chance Hiring Rules.

Credit History Bans

Currently, Florida has no statewide Credit History Ban.

Medical or Recreational Marijuana Laws

Currently, Florida authorizes the possession and use of Medical Marijuana for certain patients with debilitating medical conditions. Employers are specifically not required to permit or accommodate the use or possession of marijuana in the workplace.

Salary History Bans

Currently, Florida has no statewide Salary History Ban.


See the Hire Image Resource Library for more information and to access helpful, up-to-date resource guides for your background and drug screening needs.

Florida Access Fees

Easily request our online Florida background checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fast turnaround times. Simple and affordable.

    Free Background Screening Compliance Review

    Are You In Compliance? These 6 steps will help you stay in background screening compliance.

    • Candidate notification (stand-alone disclosure)
    • Obtain candidate’s signed authorization AND provide
    • Mandatory FCRA summary of rights and state disclosures
    • Pre-adverse notification (if applicable)
    • Leave time for candidate to dispute
    • You decide: Hire, or Not (send adverse action letter)

    Let Hire Image experts review your background screening forms and process to assess compliance with federal and local laws and regulations.


    Compliance Review