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Hire Image provides comprehensive and certified Vermont background checks including the following:

  • Employment background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug screening tests
  • Educational verifications
  • Driving record searches

Vermont State Laws

Ban the Box/Fair Chance Hiring Rules

Currently, Vermont Employers are prohibited from requesting information about Criminal History on an initial application form. Employers may inquire about a prospective employee’s criminal history during an interview or once the applicant has been deemed otherwise qualified for the position.

Credit History Bans

Currently, Vermont employers are prohibited from using credit reports or Credit History for employment purposes. “Credit history” means any information obtained from a third party that reflects or pertains to an applicant or employee’s “borrowing or repaying behavior” or “financial condition or ability to meet financial obligations,” even if that information is not contained in a “credit report.”

Medical or Recreational Marijuana Laws

Currently, Vermont allows the use and possession of Marijuana by individuals for medical purposes by qualifying patients who have been diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition. The law does not specifically limit employers in any way. The law prohibits being under the influence of marijuana while in the workplace or place of employment. Adults will legally be allowed to possess up to one ounce of Marijuana and grow up to two mature plants and four immature plants. The sale of marijuana is not allowed under this law. Stronger penalties will be executed for actions such as selling to those who are underage and the consumption in a public place or vehicle.

Salary History Bans

Currently, Vermont employers are prohibited from: obtaining and using past Salary History from either the prospective employee or his or her current or former employer; requiring that a prospective employee’s current or past compensations satisfy minimum or maximum criteria; or determining whether to interview a prospective employee based on current or past compensation.

See the Hire Image Resource Library for more information and to access helpful, up-to-date resource guides for your background and drug screening needs.

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