Need to Run Background Checks in Virginia?

Hire Image provides comprehensive and certified Virginia background checks including the following:

  • Employment background checks
  • Criminal background checks
  • Drug screening tests
  • Educational verifications
  • Driving record searches

Virginia State Laws

Ban the Box/Fair Chance Hiring Rules

Currently, Virginia employers are prohibited from requiring job applicants to disclose any information related to an arrest, criminal charge, or conviction for simple Marijuana possession.

Credit History Bans

Currently, Virginia has no statewide Credit History Ban.

Medical or Recreational Marijuana Laws

Currently, Virginia allows the use and possession of marijuana by individuals for qualifying medical purposes. The law does not place any limits on employers. Virginia adults 21 and over may grow, use, and possess recreational marijuana.

Salary History Bans

Currently, Virginia has no statewide Salary History Ban.


See the Hire Image Resource Library for more information and to access helpful, up-to-date resource guides for your background and drug screening needs.

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