Medical Marijuana Guide

There are a number of reasons for upholding a drug free workplace–increased productivity, fewer errors, and a safer working environment are just a few of them. With an increasing number of states passing laws legalizing medical marijuana, employers are raising a number of questions and voicing serious concerns about what this means for their desired drug-free workplace. While the laws and policies in place are far from clear, employers still have the right to perform drug screening on both their current employees and prospective applicants.

Not only are additional jurisdictions considering similar legislation, but there is also the federal issue of which to keep apprised. These laws have a significant impact on employers and many of their policies and procedures, including hiring, promotion, safety, and drug-free policies.

This map depicts locations that have statewide and/or local medical marijuana laws that impact employers. Below the map you will find a summary of each law.

Many states and the District of Columbia have laws that legalize marijuana in some form–whether medical or the more expansive recreational, or some combination of both. Click any state link below to view a summary of the laws that exist within its borders.