Salary History
in the Hiring Process

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Salary History in the Hiring Process

Salary History and Pay Transparency in the Hiring Process

There have been several jurisdictions that have enacted laws specifically prohibiting employers from inquiring about salary history during the interview and employment background check process.  More jurisdictions are considering similar legislation, indicating a trend toward a new industry norm in an additional attempt to secure equal pay for employees.  Employers should review their current employment hiring and screening policies to determine if salary history is being requested during the process and make appropriate revisions.

In addition to salary history bans, several jurisdictions have also implemented Pay Transparency legislation requiring employers to post or openly share information regarding compensation with employees and job candidates. 

Enter your information below to view a map that depicts locations that have a statewide and/or local “Salary History” or “Pay Transparency” law that impacts private employers. Below the map you will find a summary of each law.

This information is presented for general educational purposes and is provided solely for the convenience of its readers. It is not a substitute for legal advice. Consultation with qualified legal counsel is recommended for all matters of employment law.

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