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The Unmasking

A Worldwide Pandemic Helps Reveal the Truth Behind Working with Small Businesses By: Christine Cunneen As the owner of a small business, it is probably not surprising that I have strong feelings about the unique value small businesses bring to the table for their...

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST COVID-19 UPDATES   As we all watch unprecedented actions and prepare ourselves for the expanding reach of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we want you to be aware that we are taking every feasible precaution to keep our staff and clients safe,...

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Verifying the Top 10 Truths about Verifications

By Christine Cunneen In our People Lie! One Certain Truth on the Importance of Background Screening blog, we discussed the fact that 78% of hiring managers have caught lies on resumes or job applications.  Taking that one step further–how are they catching all of...

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