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The Green Divide: Cannabis Legalization and Workplace Challenges in 2024

As of 2024, significant changes have occurred in the United States regarding cannabis regulations, as the majority of states have developed their own sets of rules governing its employment-related usage. These regulations are diverse and reflect the varying perspectives on cannabis legalization throughout the nation. Despite progress made on a ...
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pay transparency

Pay Transparency Laws, Trends, and Employer Guidance

What is Pay Transparency? Pay transparency laws refer to legislation or regulations that require employers to disclose information about employee compensation, including salaries, wages, and benefits. These laws are designed to promote greater openness and fairness in the workplace by providing employees with access to information about how their pay ...
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Resume’s Uncovered

Fact vs Fiction In a competitive job market, the pressure to stand out can drive individuals to exaggerate accomplishments, skills, or even fabricate experiences. Unfortunately, embellishing experiences and qualifications on a resume is becoming more common. While embellishing qualifications may seem like a common practice, it poses significant risks both ...
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Ensuring Workplace Safety: Continuous Monitoring and Evolving Criminal Records

In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring workplace safety is more crucial than ever. Safeguard your team and organization with continuous background and drug screening strategies. Pre-employment Screening Conducting background checks prior to hiring is crucial because they serve as a vital means of ensuring comprehensive insights into a candidate’s history, ...
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The Employer Patchwork Puzzle

Unraveling Complex Compliance Issues Amid the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act The compliance landscape for employers has become increasingly challenging. As they navigate the intricate web of federal, state, city, and county laws, various new laws and regulations, such as privacy laws, fair chance initiatives, salary history restrictions, and marijuana laws ...
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