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Ensuring Workplace Safety: Continuous Monitoring and Evolving Criminal Records


In today’s fast-paced business environment, ensuring workplace safety is more crucial than ever. Safeguard your team and organization with continuous background and drug screening strategies.

Pre-employment Screening

Conducting background checks prior to hiring is crucial because they serve as a vital means of ensuring comprehensive insights into a candidate’s history, allowing employers to make well-informed and prudent decisions in the hiring process. Pre-employment background screening can consist of criminal record checks, employment and education verifications, MVR checks, drug screening, and more.

Criminal record checks help identify any potential red flags in an individual’s legal history, ensuring the safety and security of the workplace. Employment and education verifications confirm the accuracy of the candidate’s work and academic history, substantiating the credentials presented during the hiring process. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks are crucial for roles involving driving responsibilities, offering insights into a candidate’s driving history and behavior on the road. Additionally, drug screening helps assess a candidate’s ability to maintain a drug-free workplace, especially in safety-sensitive or high-security positions.

Post-Employment & Continuous Monitoring

Background checks can also be performed on employees’ post-hire. These checks are typically carried out for various reasons, including:

  • Ongoing compliance
  • Security measures
  • Promotions

If your employees are driving for your company, an annual MVR check may be useful to provide insight into any changes to an employee’s driving record since the time of hiring. Annual criminal background checks are also an option for continuous monitoring.

Motor Vehicle Record Monitoring

Our driver monitoring services continuously monitor drivers’ licenses across the U.S. Driver monitoring covers 49 states and DC, with different levels of violation and license status reporting. One state (MS) does not report any information. Should states with limited reporting release more information, the service will automatically include new information as it becomes available from the state.

Criminal Monitoring

Continuous Criminal Monitoring regularly scans nationwide criminal databases for criminal activity of your current employees. Continuous Criminal Monitoring provides continuous monitoring, enabling identification of at-risk behaviors that may be cause for termination. Continuous Criminal Monitoring can identify criminal behavior after hire. If negative information is found, we will verify the record at the primary source before reporting.

By implementing these continuous screenings, employers can stay informed about any developments in employees’ backgrounds that may impact their suitability for their current roles. This proactive approach not only helps in ensuring a safe and secure work environment but also aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Now is an opportune time for employers to consider implementing continuous monitoring for their employees. Conducting this periodic review ensures that organizations stay up to date with any changes in their workforce’s profiles, contributing to ongoing risk management and compliance efforts. Employers who prioritize thorough background screening set the foundation for a secure, reputable, and productive work environment. Integrating regular background checks can be a strategic and responsible step to start the upcoming year on a secure and compliant note.

Hire Image is a division of Orange Tree Employment Screening, uniting our strengths to design a background screening program in your best interest and deliver unmatched client experience. For more information on annual screening, visit our continuous monitoring page or Speak with Our Team.

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