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Those most vulnerable need the most protection

Can you imagine the person hired to take care of your loved ones stealing their hard-earned money, personal information, or committing fraud in their name?

Neither could Leo Foster from Vicksburg, Miss. whose elderly mother was recently a victim of such a crime – a recent segment of the Rossen Report tells her story.

Similar crimes happen all the time in places perceived to be safe – hospitals, nursing homes, and even in your own home. Criminals, including identity thieves, target the vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children and the sick.

Don’t assume thorough criminal background searches are taking place to prevent these crimes. Some states, like Mississippi, don’t have laws requiring a criminal background check for administrative staffers in facilities with vulnerable populations. Many other states that have requirements for background checks limit the search to just their state. Offenders often cross state lines to carry out their crimes again. Little do you know, the bookkeeper you just hired could have a prior criminal conviction for fraud, or worse.

The Federal Trade Commission reports in the Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book that over 1 million fraud complaints were made in 2012 alone. With 2013 coming to a close, how can you help prevent this type of crime against the most vulnerable population, as well as employees working in your business office?

It’s far too easy for offenders to simply seek employment in another state.  Even if there isn’t a law or business requirement, it pays to be thorough. Conducting nationwide background checks, rather than just statewide searches that won’t reveal out-of-state convictions, is one way that you can help ensure the safety of your valued clients.

Hire Image has many industry specific screening packages, including one for Healthcare with specific search recommendations from our background screening experts.

Put the safety of your clients first to prevent what happened to Leo Foster from happening in your business.

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