Christine Cunneen Featured Guest Speaker on CallTalk

Hire Image’s CEO, Christine Cunneen was recently the featured guest speaker on Benchmark Portal’s “CallTalk” with host Bruce Belfiore. CallTalk is a monthly internet radio program that covers hot topics impacting today’s call centers.

Cunneen discussed marijuana in the workplace and the rising issues it brings to employers. With twenty-nine states having authorized medical use and nine legalizing personal use, it has become increasingly complicated for an employer to ensure their practices and policies remain compliant.

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Stay on Smokable Medical Marijuana Lifted in Florida

On June 5th, a circuit court judge upheld a previous ruling that the Florida Legislature’s ban on smokable medical marijuana is unconstitutional. After the first ruling, the state’s Department of Health filed an appeal, putting a stay in place automatically. A Florida attorney, along with two patients with terminal illnesses then filed an appeal of the stay.  The judge acted fast, ruling that the stay will officially be lifted in just five days, on June 11th, in order to not create irreparable harm to patients. The judge went further in explaining the reasoning behind the ruling, “First, they cannot legally access the treatment recommended for them. Second, they face potential criminal prosecution for possession and use of the medicinal substance.” The Florida Department of Health is reviewing the ruling to determine if there will be any further appeals.

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District Court Rules: Philadelphia’s Salary History Ban Violates the First Amendment

Philadelphia’s Salary History Ban is on hold no longer. A federal judge recently ruled that the salary history inquiry ban violated an employer’s First Amendment right of free speech. However, the judge also ruled that the reliance part of the law could stand. As such, while Philadelphia employers can ask job candidates about their salary histories, they may not rely upon that information to determine their pay.

Employers should consider reviewing their hiring policies in Philadelphia. This case has been very interesting and may set the stage for further challenges across the country.

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Salary History Ban Update: Westchester County, New York

Effective July 9, 2018:  Employers with at least four employees (except if at least 2/3 of the employees are family members) are prohibited from requesting and relying upon information regarding previous wages.  Under the law, an employer, employment agency, or labor organization, and any agent thereof cannot:

  • Rely upon wage history received from any current or former employer of the individual to determine the wages for such individual (unless voluntarily disclosed by the prospective employee to support a higher wage than offered).
  • Require, orally or in writing, as a condition of being interviewed, considered for an offer of employment, or employment, that a prospective employee disclose information about the employee’s own wages from any current or former employer.
    • If the prospective employee had disclosed wage information to support a higher wage offer, the employer may confirm the information post-offer, if he or she has the prospective employee’s prior written authorization to do so.
  • Retaliate against someone for exercising his or her rights under the law.


Full text of the Westchester County law.