Hire Image’s COMPLY Method helps employers reduce risks in their background screening programs. We use a proven framework that is consistently followed with each and every background check report.

A proven framework to reduce risks.


The legal requirements for employers when conducting background checks are becoming increasingly convoluted, as different laws are implemented at every level of government. Over the past several years, many large employers have been tripped up by avoidable mistakes, costing them millions of dollars. While the reasons often vary from lack of knowledge about specific legal requirements to background check disclosure forms riddled with extra information to the lack of a signed authorization or improper adverse action steps, at their foundation, these mistakes could have been avoided with more thorough attention to compliance.

If you add in all of the special requirements associated with local laws, the risk of non-compliance increases exponentially. Much like a pilot ensures a safer flight by completing a pre-flight checklist EVERY time, employers can reduce the risk in their background screening programs by partnering with Hire Image and committing to a proven framework that is consistently followed.

Our COMPLY METHOD consists of four foundational principles:

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Knowledge is Power

What’s happening in the industry? Leave it to us to find out and keep you updated.

We believe that knowledge is power. As such, we have a commitment to continuing client education with our free Webinars (HRCI & SHRM credits available), updated Resource Guides, access to the HR Help Desk, and Industry News Updates. Our team is continuously updating our resources and quickly communicating applicable changes to those impacted.

Compliant Disclosures, Authorizations, and Adverse Action Notices

Concerned that your candidates receive the up-to-date disclosures and notices they need? We have you covered.

We supply up-to-date sample disclosures, forms, letters, and notices at no additional cost. Our process is fully automated to meet the requirements of federal, state, and local laws, and candidates receive only those forms required based on where they live and work. We also have Adverse Action Notices available by jurisdiction and the ability to send them electronically and add reasons based on state and local law requirements. Our team makes proactive updates of disclosures, notices, and other forms when the laws change.

Certified In-House Compliance Team

Have questions or concerns? Call and speak with one of our US-based experts.

You can rely on Hire Image’s live phone answering and PBSA-Accredited and FCRA-Certified Staff, including our in-house Compliance Team. You can count on us to help you navigate the changing landscape of background screening around the country. Our team will provide a free review of your forms, policies, and processes to help ensure compliance.


Need a simple process for your background checks? Follow our six easy-to-follow steps each time.

Hire Image has developed our COMPLYSM Steps, a repeatable six-step process, to clarify the required actions. This process should be applied by employers with every background check.

Candidate notification (stand-alone disclosure) provided
Obtain candidate’s signed authorization
Mandatory FCRA summary of rights and state disclosures provided
Pre-adverse notification (if applicable) provided
Leave time for candidate to dispute
You decide. Hire, or Not (send adverse action letter)


While the Hire Image COMPLY Steps provides a recommended and actionable framework for the process, it is only a guide.

Hire Image does not provide legal advice, and this information doesn’t cover every possible nuance of the screening process or your legal obligations for compliance. We recommend that you work closely with your employment attorney and background screening agency to verify that your program and processes address the various laws at each level of government.

Please enter your information below if you would like to submit your candidate forms for review or if you’d like to schedule a free compliance review call with our staff.

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