Continuous Driver Monitoring

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Stay Up-to-Date With Records

Hire Image’s driver monitoring services continuously monitors driver licenses across the U.S. This service covers 49 states and DC, with different levels of violation and license status reporting. Should states with limited reporting release more information, the service will automatically include new information as it becomes available from the state.

Why Continuous Driver Monitoring?

  • For your employees that drive company or personal vehicles, you’ve likely ordered at least one motor vehicle record (MVR) for each of them. Consider the issues that may arise after the initial report.
  • You need to know what your drivers are doing behind the wheel – and if they are becoming a liability to your company.

12-Month program – 50* per driver

  • Cost is prorated for programs beginning July 1st or later. No refunds for drivers who leave the program prior to year-end.

*Some states charge additional access fees.

*Separate DMV charge and access fees apply when an alert is received, and full DMV report obtained.

*DMV monitoring is not currently offered for CA or NH.

If you have questions about monitoring or restrictions, please contact us for more information.

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