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Experience the Hire Image Difference.

Customized Solutions Based on the Safety of Your Faculty & Students

While many priorities and needs may shift, two priorities that will never change are the importance of education and the safety of your faculty and students. That’s where Hire Image’s education background checks and services can help. Through years of experience with other organizations, we understand the unique needs of operating a higher education institution and maintaining education credentials. We can customize any background check package to best meet your needs during the hiring process and after.

Hire Image is a nationwide, accredited, woman-owned company providing a level of service not easily found today. Hire Image has many ‘human touch’ differentiators that set us apart, including:

  • Engaging in extensive discovery to learn more about your school, your needs, and your pain points
  • Onboarding at your pace, including a dedicated account representative, an account set-up meeting, and live training
  • Providing accurate results, including education verification, on your job applicants, with some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • Providing outstanding customer service with our US-based operations (no offshoring), live phone answering, knowledgeable FCRA certified staff, and expedited resolutions

Recommended Screening Searches

  • Address and Social Security Number Trace
  • County Criminal Searches and/or Statewide Criminal Searches
  • Nationwide Criminal Database & Sex Offender Registry Search^
  • Federal Criminal Searches
  • Education Verifications & Employment Verifications
    • Employment verification of the last 7 years of employment history
    • Education al background and education verification of the highest degree (or diploma) attained by the applicant, whether high school diploma, Associates degree, Bachelor’s degree, or Master’s or Professional degrees.

Additional Suggested Items:

  • Credit Report
  • I-9 Management & E-Verify®
  • Drug Screening
  • Continuous Criminal Monitoring
  • MVR Report

^ If a criminal record is revealed in the nationwide criminal database search a county criminal search will be required.

From public schools to private universities, Hire Image is well-equipped with the knowledge and experience to ensure that your school has the optimum background screening and criminal record search program to maintain a safe learning environment for your students and faculty. We work with the National Student Clearinghouse for education verification, and know how to identify records from diploma mills. You can rest assured knowing you took the steps needed to minimize risks, while protecting those on your campus, as well as your school’s reputation.

What Some of Our Customers Are Saying:

“The package Hire Image provides fits our requirements perfectly, and I like the fact the we can also order a la carte. We get exactly what we need and are not charged for things we don’t need. We can get credit checks on people who will be handling money, and driving record checks on those who will be driving. When we needed to hire someone quickly, Hire Image expedited verifications involving other states, and got us the information necessary for a timely decision. Tom Tomlinson has been especially helpful in researching and explaining information”

“Hire Image works with my team to ensure that we are getting the best possible service for the best custom package price. They are certainly a leader in their field as they provide a one-stop integrated solution for E-Verify and I-9 storage. And, from a customer service perspective, my team has been nothing but pleased. They are local, so they know who we are as a customer and are very accessible, extremely professional and knowledgeable.”

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