International Background Checks

Hire Image LLC provides international background check services in over 250 countries. From international criminal background checks to international civil searches and international criminal record checks or employment verifications and education verifications, the information that you require as well as the results provided in our international screenings are likely to vary by country. When your background screening needs extend outside US borders, we are happy to assist you in determining the most efficient and effective international background check search for your company.

Hire Image has access to records on an international basis and has the ability to service our clients’ needs globally. We perform international criminal searches, driving records, employment verifications, and education verifications. We can also provide drug testing in some countries.

Criminal history records, as well as screening practices and regulations, including years covered, for employment screening decisions vary from country to country. Our experts understand these nuances and work in compliance with the various country regulations. Searched criminal records are obtained by an electronic or physical search of criminal records, which is similar to searching in the United States.

For employment background checks, Hire Image verifies international employment when screening prospective employees who have been employed outside of the United States. Hire Image also verifies international education obtained from a school outside of the United States. Employment verifications and education verifications vary from country to country. Our experts understand the various regulations and proceed by using the process required by the past employer or educational institution, we contact the organization electronically, by phone, fax, email, or mail.

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International Criminal Background Checks

International criminal searches are available in many, but not all, countries around the world. We have access to international records for all countries with availability. With our screening services, Hire Image informs clients where records may and may not be available and if additional information may be required in the country searched.

  • May reveal crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States
  • Less serious offenses will be reported when found
  • Years covered in search varies by country

International Civil Searches

  • May reveal lawsuits comparable to those found in the upper civil courts of the United States
  • Years covered in search varies by country

Information needed to conduct International Background Checks

  • Type of search requested (criminal history, civil)
  • Full name of applicant (middle name or middle initial when available)
  • Applicant’s date of birth
  • Country to be searched
  • Specific city/cities to be searched
  • Mother’s maiden name (Spanish-speaking countries)
  • Mexico: Place of birth is helpful
  • Singapore: National identification number
  • South Africa: National identification number
  • South America: National identification number
  • Japan: National Identification number
  • Germany: Copy of signed release typically required
  • Taiwan: National identification number for Taiwanese nationals; passport number for American citizens
  • Turkey: Father’s name
  • Hong Kong: National identification number