NAIC Insurance Licensing Background Investigations

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) is the organization of state insurance regulators for all 50 states, Washington D.C., and five U.S. territories.

The NAIC Biographical Affidavit must be submitted by an applicant in connection with pending or future application(s) for licensure or a permit to organize with a department of insurance in one or more states. The NAIC Biographical Affidavit must be submitted on behalf of all officers, directors and key managerial personnel of the applicant and individuals with a 10% or more beneficial ownership in the applicant or the applicant’s ultimate controlling parent.

Some states require the NAIC Biographical Affidavit for a change in key managerial positions or for a new officer or director. Please see the NAIC website for complete information,

Most states require independent 3rd party verification of the Biographical Affidavit — background investigations. These verification reports must be provided by a nationally recognized agency with experience performing those investigations. Hire Image LLC is included on the NAIC list of independent third parties for furnishing background investigative reports.

Reports are typically completed within 2-4 weeks, and forwarded to the proper state office for processing. Reports with international searches or verifications may take a little extra time. Additional charges apply for AKA’s, if the applicant has lived in more than two counties during the past 10 years, for international searches and verifications, access fees imposed by individual counties searched or verification subscription fees. We send the completed report directly to the state agency, providing you with notification when the reports are sent. To submit a Biographical Affidavit to Hire Image for verification:

  1. Download and complete the Hire Image Hire Image Letter of Agreement.
  2. Email, fax or mail the completed Letter of Agreement along with copies of the Biographical Affidavits to Hire Image, along with initial payment of $350.00 per person.
  3. Make sure to indicate the state regulatory agency or agencies to whom Hire Image should send the completed verification report.

Hire Image will notify you when reports are complete, and advise you of any charges incurred during the search and verification process. Final payment is due before report transmittal. Upon receipt of final payment, Hire Image will transmit the reports to the appropriate agency or agencies.