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Arizona’s Third Act for a “Second” Chance


Effective January 1, 2023: Arizonans can petition the court to seal their criminal records if they have completed all terms of their sentence. Additionally, the law applies to arrest records and charges that were dismissed or resulted in a not guilty ruling.


Sealing of Arrest: Arizona Criminal Records

This law is the third having to do with sealing and expunging criminal records in the state. In 2020, Arizona voters approved Proposition 207, which in legalizing the use of recreational marijuana, created a process for minor marijuana offenses to be expunged from an individual’s records. In 2021, a law was passed that allowed Arizonans to “set aside” their criminal records, which can dismiss the legal penalties that come with having a criminal record. For example, being prohibited from owning a firearm or getting a license for certain jobs. This law (S.B. 1294) takes it one step further, allowing individuals to petition to seal certain criminal records.


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