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At Least 50 NYC Inmates Back in Jail After COVID-19 Fears Prompt Early Release

Hire Image recently posted about the early release of prisoners in New York City, as well as around the country. Now, we are seeing the unfortunate effects of those decisions. In New York, at least 50 of the inmates released due to COVID-19 fears have been re-arrested, some already being released for a second time. The re-offenders include an inmate jailed for setting his girlfriend’s door on fire and choking her mother, an inmate accused of assaulting a Department of Homeless Services officer, and another accused of theft. All three committed other crimes within days of being released. Despite the re-arrests, the Legal Aid Society and Bronx Defenders continue to petition the courts for additional releases, while the NYPD is justifiably concerned that these re-offenders are taking advantage of the situation.

When we get to the other side of this worldwide pandemic, background screening will be even more crucial to learn about the people you are hiring, including where they were before and during the COVID-19 health crisis.

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