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Attention Public Transportation Employers: FTA Issues Updated Drug and Alcohol Guidelines

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently updated their guidelines for public transportation employers.  According to the FTA notice: “These guidelines provide employers with the knowledge and resources needed to develop, implement, and manage a drug and alcohol testing program complying with FTA and US DOT rules. Employers with well-established drug and alcohol testing programs can use these guidelines to assess their level of compliance, validate policies and procedures, and identify areas that require modification.”

The topics covered in the guidelines include:  policy development and communication for required information, training and education requirements, testing categories, steps for drug and alcohol testing, roles and responsibilities of DOT service agents, and recordkeeping and reporting requirements.  Additional manuals, training aids, and informational reports to assist employers with compliance have also been provided.  The FTA notes that a robust testing program is the best tool employers have to deter illegal drug and alcohol use in the workplace and keep their workplaces, and the public overall, safe.

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