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California’s Evolving Expungement and Clean Slate Laws


As of 2023, Individuals in California convicted of most types of felonies, even those involving violent crimes, can request the expungement of their records, with the exception of sex offenses. Eligibility criteria require applicants to have completed their entire sentences, including probation, and maintained a clean record for two years without any re-arrests.

Starting in July, the law will also aim for the state Department of Justice to conceal non-serious, nonviolent, and non-sexual felony convictions from public access once the defendant has finished their sentence and remained free of further convictions for four years.

However, this requirement mandates local courts to prevent cleared cases from appearing in public searches and from being accessible to the background check companies typically utilized by private-sector employers and landlords.

With the concealing and expungement of records, we may see delays in background check results due to new criteria in which searches will need to be conducted.

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