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Cannabis Laws in the Workplace: State vs. Federal Divide


By 2024, most states throughout the United States have recognized and enacted their respective cannabis workplace regulations. Despite state-level laws and acceptance, individuals holding valid medical marijuana prescriptions have encountered legal hurdles when it comes to workplace protections.

While many states have legalized medical marijuana, the federal government maintains its classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug, categorizing it among substances deemed to have no accepted medical utility and a high potential for abuse.

Federal courts, including those interpreting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), have determined that individuals with disabilities using medical marijuana can be terminated from their jobs if they test positive for cannabis.

As a result, individuals using medical marijuana face uncertainty and potential discrimination in employment settings, navigating a legal landscape where state and federal laws diverge on this contentious issue.

The discord between state and federal marijuana laws continue to cast a shadow over the rights and protections of individuals who use cannabis. Despite the widespread acceptance at the state level, the federal classification of cannabis persists as a barrier to protection. Individuals navigating this complex legal landscape must remain aware of possible repercussions in the workplace.

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