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Colorado Passes Clean Slate Act

Clean Slate Act
Effective August 10, 2022: Under Colorado’s newly passed Clean Slate Act

Under the Clean Slate Act, non-violent criminal records will automatically be sealed without needing an order from a judge. The time of sealing is dependent upon the severity of the crime. For example, a petty offense will be automatically sealed after four years, a misdemeanor offense after seven, and a felony offense after ten. Additionally, the law prohibits employment and housing discrimination based on the information contained within a sealed criminal record. It’s anticipated that more than one million Coloradans with non-violent criminal records will benefit from this new law.


Colorado district attorneys can submit an objection within 45 days after the record is sealed. However, what’s striking most is the provision that relates to recidivism—an issue plaguing our country and one in which we have to talk about far too often. Under the new Clean Slate Act, subsequent offenses may start the clock over for eligibility for sealing records. As such, that person will still remain eligible for sealing another crime.


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