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Colorado Enforces State’s Wage Transparency Law


As Hire Image previously reported, Colorado’s Wage Transparency Law is considered one of the most aggressive to date because of the requirement to post salaries publicly. Now, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment is demonstrating that enforcement may be more aggressive, as well. While the department was more lenient regarding enforcement last year because the law had just become effective, it has since notified more than 200 companies regarding violations and is now issuing fines for noncompliance. Specifically, it has issued 129 Compliance Assistance Letters for remote jobs; sent 122 Opportunity to Cure Letters (giving employers an opportunity to cure violations) in response to complaints of violations (not limited to remote jobs); and fined 3 employers.


The extent of the violations varied from listings that shared no wages at all to others that had no maximum amount (only a + sign, such as “Salary Range: $50,000 – 75,000+”) to others that offered “full benefits” without a description of those benefits.


Colorado employers should ensure all job listings comply with the state’s Wage Transparency Law prior to posting any open position or job description.


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