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Connecticut’s Clean Slate Act’s Effective Date is Approaching

criminal history

Effective January 1, 2023: While employers are currently prohibited from seeking criminal history information about a prospective employee’s prior arrests, criminal charges, or convictions on an initial employment application, the state’s new Clean Slate Act will automatically clear much of this information. Without needing an order from a judge to do so, certain types of criminal convictions will be cleared from a person’s record after a certain amount of time has passed –

  • Misdemeanors will be expunged after seven years have passed since the date of the conviction.
  • Class D and E felonies or unclassified felonies may be expunged after 10 years, as long as a person’s prison sentence was no more than five years.


Not all criminal records will be cleared. Connecticut’s Clean Slate Law does not allow for the clearing of more serious crimes, such as offenses involving burglary with a firearm, stalking, voyeurism, sex-related crimes involving minors, and assault on the blind, elderly or pregnant women, among others.

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