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COVID-19 Update: Drug Testing & Occupational Health

*Update to our March 12, 2020 COVID-19 Statement

Lab-based Urine Testing. Applicants and employees who are tested at a patient service center, such as Quest or Labcorp, may continue to do so. These patient service centers do not currently collect specimens for COVID-19 testing. Any COVID-19 specimens are collected by the ordering clinician and mailed to the lab testing facilities for testing, not the patient service centers.

The labs are cleaning and sterilizing their offices and are asking those who are exhibiting flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms not to come to their patient service centers. As with any other public place right now, people who do go to these centers should follow the CDC guidelines on handwashing and/or using antibacterial sanitizers and not touch their faces.

At this time, we are unaware of any large-scale closures of patient service centers. They are also continuing to operate during normal business hours.

We will continue to post specific announcements as we receive them.

Click here for the LabCorp Announcement

Click here for the Quest Announcement

 Click here for the Concentra Announcement  (*not performing Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) until further notice)

 Processing of Drug Tests. Currently, there are no delays in the processing of drug tests, and we are being told that there should not be any in the immediate future. However, as the testing of COVID-19 increases around the country, we would expect that there could be an impact of the turnaround time of results. If/when we start to experience delays, we will post additional updates.

Applicant Refuses to Test Scenario. There could be instances where an applicant refuses to submit to a drug test because they do not want to go to a lab and potentially increase their exposure to the virus. These are challenging times for everyone and although we cannot advise employers what to do from a legal standpoint, we would suggest they allow for flexibility and be willing to work outside the norm in some instances until this pandemic is behind us.

One alternative is to consider an oral fluid lab-based test. If you need more information please email us at

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