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COVID-19 Updates: Drug Screening, Turnaround Times, & Verifications

As clinics, courts, employers, and schools continue to adapt to the impacts of COVID-19, the restrictions in place similarly continue to create challenges in drug screening, turnaround times, and verifications.

  1. Drug Screening
    1. Some collection sites have implemented new policies and procedures for specific tests. For example, Concentra now requires a Respirator Questionnaire with a physician prior to a Respirator Fit Test, which will incur an additional fee. Additionally, some collection sites no longer conduct BAT or PFT tests, limiting clinic options for applicants.
    2. Hours of operation are fluid based on staff availability and sanitizing schedules. Donor passports instruct applicants to call prior to confirm hours and determine if appointments are necessary.
    3. More collection sites now require appointments for drug testing.
    4. Some collection sites (non-Quest/Labcorp sites) are also starting to test for COVID-19.
  2. Court Delays Affecting Turnaround Times
    1. Court closures remain in some jurisdictions with increased COVID-19 cases. Where possible, and with client permission, Hire Image will perform a statewide search, which in many cases, do not have delays.
    2. Some courts have restricted access to records and/or time restrictions to obtain records.
  3. Employer and Education Verifications
    1. Many employers and educational institutions have staff working remotely, and do not have full access to information or are not able to check voicemail as regularly, affecting turnaround times for verifications.
    2. Some employers have closed permanently, and in those instances, no employment verifications are available. Hire Image offers alternatives in these scenarios. Please call our office at 888-433-0090 and ask for the client services department to learn more.

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