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COVID-19 Updates: Drug Testing, Occupational Health, & Courts


Quest, LabCorp, and other labs are now testing for COVID-19 antibodies at select patient service centers (not all of them), and when they have reached capacity for testing (particularly in areas where cases are on the rise), no additional tests will be performed that day.

For applicants who need to visit a patient service center for a drug screening or an occupational health test, we recommend calling the location first to ensure it is still conducting tests that day before proceeding to that particular collection site.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


As states are re-opening, so are their courts. While most courts have now re-opened, in full or in part, some still may impose limitations on court researchers. Overall, though, there is more accessibility than we have seen since before the pandemic began.

Please contact us if you have specific questions about jurisdictions that affect your background screening services.

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