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Florida Bill Would Require Background Checks for Delivery Service Workers

In October, Hire Image reported on the tragic story where a Florida woman was beaten to death by a home delivery worker contracted by Best Buy.  Now, Florida legislators want something done to prevent this from happening again.  On Tuesday, a bill called the “Evy Udell Public Safety Act,” after the Boca Raton woman who was killed, was filed in the Florida House of Representatives to require “home delivery service providers” who provide delivery services for a retailer to complete local and national criminal background checks for all home delivery workers.  The bill would also prohibit delivery workers who have committed certain crimes in the past from entering consumers’ homes or be unsupervised with a consumer.

“Home delivery service provider” is defined as “a person or entity who, for compensation, contracts for or engages in the loading, transportation or shipment, or unloading of household goods as part of a home delivery service. The term does not include a postal, courier, envelope, or package service.”

The background check required under the proposed bill would include a Multi-State Criminal Database Records search, the validation of any records found in the Multi-State Criminal Database Records search through a preliminary source search, and a search of the National Sex Offender Public Website maintained by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Although the intentions are commendable, a more stringent background check would be in the best interest of the community.

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Hire Image understands the importance of background screenings to help protect your customers, employees, and property from instances such as this devastating one.  Contact us to learn more about what else you can do today to help protect yourself and others with whom you work.

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