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Good news on “Ban the Box” in IN: Senate Bill 312: Municipalities May Not Enact “Ban the Box” Restrictions

Effective July 01, 2017, Indiana Senate Bill 312 provides that political subdivisions of the state may not prohibit employers from obtaining or using criminal history information during the hiring process. The goal of the Bill is to create uniformity within the state. As such, counties, municipalities, and townships are prohibited from adopting “ban the box” ordinances that restrict employers from asking applicants about their criminal histories.

Currently, Indianapolis/Marion County is the only municipality with “ban the box” restrictions in place. Since 2014 the municipality prohibited city and county agencies and their vendors from inquiring into an applicant’s criminal history and included other onerous individualized assessment processes. However, according the Senate Bill 312, as of July 1st, Indianapolis will no longer have these restrictions.

Read Senate Bill 312.

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