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Illinois Mandates Pay Transparency in Job Postings


Effective January 1, 2025: Illinois employers with 15 or more employees and employment agencies must include the pay scale and benefits for a specific job in all job postings.

The employer must also “announce, post, or otherwise make known all opportunities for promotion to all current employees no later than the same calendar day that the employer makes an external job posting for the position.” It further notes that an employer is not in violation of the law if the applicant voluntarily and without prompting discloses their current or prior wage or salary history, including benefits for compensation, as long as the employer does not consider that information in determining whether to offer employment and the amount of that offer.

Under these amendments to the Illinois Equal Pay Act (IEPA) to mandate pay transparency in job postings for most Illinois employers, employers must also make and preserve records that document the pay scale and benefits for each position.

Illinois employers should review their hiring practices and policies before the amendments go into effect to ensure compliance.

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