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Lack of Thorough Background Check Alleged Factor in Death of Young Woman


There is yet another devastating case, with fatal consequences, of the risks associated with not conducting thorough background checks. Miya Marcano lived and worked in an apartment complex in Orlando, Florida. Sadly, she was kidnapped and killed last month. The alleged perpetrator was a maintenance worker at the same complex. He had been provided a master key fob, which he later used to get into Miya’s apartment. Miya’s family is now suing the apartment complex, claiming that they did not conduct a thorough background check before hiring the man. If they had, they would have learned about his prior arrest and, with an employment verification, would have learned that a female resident of another complex raised concerns over the man’s behavior in the past.

While this particular instance occurred in Orlando, geography is not a concern in these cases. Rather, the common denominator is an employer failing to do enough to keep others safe. Employers should have strict policies and conduct thorough background checks, especially, as in this case, when someone has unfettered access to others’ homes.

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This is another horrific story exemplifying why employers need to know who they are hiring and the facts about, and implications of, recidivism.

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