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Man with Extensive Criminal History Runs into Ohio Day Care During Police Chase

criminal history

Ohio officers were chasing a car driven by a man with a felony warrant when the suspect crashed and then ran on foot. During the chase, the man ran into a day care, forcing the door open after an employee tried to shut him out. He ran into a classroom with several children, knocking some down and scaring all of them until the officers were able to apprehend him.

Not only did he have a warrant for his arrest, but he also had a criminal history dating back to 2001, when he was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for aggravated robbery at just seventeen. Other charges that make up his long rap sheet include other robbery charges, assault, arson, domestic violence, and discharging a gun at school.

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Once again, we see recidivism play out in our communities. How many chances should someone get before we place more value on the welfare of others?

The courts and legislatures around our country need to balance the importance of reintegration after incarceration with the safety of their communities. Like most issues, it is a complex topic, but the stakes are too high not to work together for a better solution.

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