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Breaking Boundaries: The Evolving Landscape of Marijuana Laws in the U.S.

marijuana laws

As Hire Image previously reported, there continues to be a divide between state and federal marijuana laws. However, we could anticipate forthcoming transformations.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration plans to reclassify marijuana, acknowledging its medical benefits and lower potential for abuse compared to more hazardous drugs. However, this proposal does not entail full legalization for recreational purposes.

This decision follows President Joe Biden’s call for a review of federal marijuana laws in October 2022 and his efforts to pardon thousands federally convicted for simple possession. Additionally, he urges governors and local authorities to consider similar actions to expunge marijuana-related convictions.

While numerous states have progressively legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, federal drug policy remains stagnant.

Should the White House approve the legislation, the DEA will open a public comment period regarding the proposal to reclassify marijuana. This involves shifting it from its current Schedule I classification, alongside heroin and LSD, to Schedule III, alongside substances like ketamine and certain anabolic steroids, in accordance with a recommendation from the federal Health and Human Services Department.

Although Schedule III drugs are regulated substances, individuals involved in their trafficking without authorization remain susceptible to federal criminal prosecution.

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