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Nevada’s Monitoring Did Not Ensure Childcare Provider Compliance with Criminal Background Checks


The Office of Inspector General (OIG) (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) recently conducted an audit to determine whether Nevada’s monitoring of childcare providers ensured provider compliance with to state criminal background check requirements established under the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act (“CCDBG Act”). The CCDBG Act requires states that receive funding from the Child Care and Development Fund (“CCDF”) to conduct comprehensive criminal background checks on staff members and prospective staff members of childcare providers every five years.

The audit uncovered that Nevada’s monitoring of childcare providers did not ensure compliance with state requirements related to criminal background checks for 9 of the 30 childcare providers reviewed. Of the 589 individuals whose supporting documentation was reviewed, 32 had not had one or more of the required criminal background checks.


The OIG recommended that Nevada:

(1) ensure that providers notify the state when a new household member is added, or a new employee is hired, so that the required criminal background checks may be conducted;

(2) ensure that all required criminal background checks are conducted for the individuals identified in the audit;

(3) ensure that all required criminal background checks are conducted for all employees under the age of 18;

(4) revise its policies and procedures to ensure that all childcare staff members (regardless of age) are fingerprinted and have background checks immediately after hire; and

(5) add a written requirement to conduct the in-state sex offender registry check for all childcare staff members.


Nevada provided information on actions that it had already taken or plans to take to address these recommendations.

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