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Nevada Passes Strict Salary History Ban

Effective October 1, 2021: Nevada employers are prohibited from inquiring into an applicant’s salary history, relying on the wage or salary history of an applicant to determine whether to offer employment or the rate of pay, and refusing to interview, hire, promote, or employ an applicant or discriminate or retaliate if the applicant does not provide salary history.

Unlike other bans, the Nevada salary history ban goes even further by not carving out an exception for relying on any voluntarily disclosed information by an applicant. However, an employer may ask applicants about their salary expectations. Additionally, the law requires employers to proactively disclose wage ranges for positions.

Nevada employers should review their hiring processes to remove any questions regarding salary history. Employers should also train hiring managers and human resources personnel on providing salary ranges per position.

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For more information on Salary History bans and other laws, and whether they affect your state, visit our resource guide at the Hire Image Resource Library.

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