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Tragic Consequences Follow Nevada Traffic Law Change


Laws decriminalizing various actions are being implemented all over the country … with consequences that are only beginning to be seen. For example, last January, a new Nevada law decriminalized minor traffic offenses and eliminated the practice of issuing warrants for unpaid fines or court appearances related to traffic violations. So, when one Las Vegas driver had accumulated at least 19 tickets, not much was done about it. That is, until his reckless driving killed an innocent bicyclist last month.

“It’s because we don’t have strict enough laws, we don’t have harsh enough consequences for people,” the victim’s sister said. “We smack people on the hand, and we let them go. [T]he justice system failed,” she said. “I think he should have been held responsible for these many offenses and many citations that he’s hard a long time ago. If that were the truth, if that were the case, my brother would still be here today.”

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