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Is New York City the New Wild, Wild West When It Comes to Marijuana?


Legalization of marijuana in New York seems to have created more of the problems it was intended to curtail. With the industry being highly underregulated, it has been met with the rapid expansion of the illegal marijuana market. According to officials, it is estimated that 1,400 illegal marijuana shops have popped up in New York City alone following the legalization of the drug.

While some back-alley dealers prefer to stay under the radar, others have decided to be a bit more enterprising, setting up these illegal shops throughout the city. These shops are not only selling illegally to adults, but also to minors, and are highly prone to theft (as are legal stores). State Senator Liz Krueger, who authored the bill to legalize marijuana statewide, described New York’s situation as, “The wild, wild West.”

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