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New York Passes Clean Slate Act

New York

Effective November 16, 2024: New York employers are required to review their hiring processes regarding an applicant’s criminal history. Under the new law, which adds New York to the growing trend of states automatically sealing criminal records, the conviction records of individuals convicted of certain state crimes will be sealed from public access once they have completed their sentences and maintained law-abiding behavior for a specified period.

Convictions under the Clean Slate Act include misdemeanors when at least three years have passed since the individual’s release from incarceration or the imposition of sentence (if there was no incarceration) and felonies when at least eight years have passed from the date the individual was last released from incarceration, as long as the individual (i) does not have a criminal charge pending; and (ii) is not currently under the supervision of any probation or parole department. Convictions involving Class A felonies (where a maximum life sentence could be imposed) are not eligible for sealing.

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