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Nurses Around the Country Arrested on Various Charges


There has been a disturbing onslaught of cases recently involving nurses being arrested on serious charges, including felonies. In one case, a California nurse was arrested for sexually assaulting a patient in the emergency room of the hospital at which he worked. He allegedly engaged in the assault on her and asked her to perform sexual acts on him while she was under his care. In Texas, a nurse was charged with tampering with physical evidence after a falsified do-not-resuscitate form was found during a death investigation. In yet another case, a Michigan nurse was charged with a felony after working in a patient’s home with a suspended license. Under Michigan law, practicing a licensed health profession without a license is a four-year felony.

We trust nurses with one of the most precious things we have – our health. And as such, they are justifiably held to a higher standard of accountability. So, when they abuse that trust, it’s even more disheartening.

The healthcare industry, including healthcare workers, hospitals, medical centers, clinics, long term care providers, and healthcare staffing firms, requires an even higher level of due diligence that is specific to the industry itself. Hire Image has experience working with these organizations and understands the complex federal and state regulations involved.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our recommended background screening services for those in the healthcare industry.

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