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Attention NYC Employers: Enforcement of AI Law Begins July 5th


Effective July 5, 2023: New York City will begin enforcing its “Automated Employment Decision Tools Law” and its provisions regarding the use of automated hiring tools by employers. The law prohibits the use of certain types of data in automated hiring decisions, including age, race, gender, and religion, and requires employers to disclose to job applicants when and how they use automated hiring tools. Employers will also be required to regularly audit the tools to ensure that they are not perpetuating bias or discrimination.

This law was previously set to become effective on April 15th; however, after many delays, the effective date was postponed to July 5th. It is significant because it represents one of the first efforts by the government to regulate the use of automated hiring tools. As we’ve previously discussed in our blog, the use of these tools has raised concerns about bias and discrimination, as algorithms may be created on biased data or reflect the biases of their creators. The law aims to promote greater transparency and accountability in the use of these tools, with the goal of ensuring that hiring decisions are fair and equitable.

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