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GROW: A Look into Ohio’s Clean Slate Law


In 2024, more states aim to conceal criminal records. Ohio has now introduced a bill aimed at providing support to former inmates as they seek employment opportunities. The proposed “Getting Rehabilitated Ohioans Working” or GROW Act would involve the sealing of specific criminal records during job applications, offering potential benefits to Ohio’s workforce, according to its sponsors.

The proponents of the measure asserted that sealing records would open doors to employment for rehabilitated individuals in Ohio while shielding employers from potential penalties associated with hiring them. Hillyer noted that employers would be shielded from civil liability concerning negligent hiring and supervision.

According to the bill’s provisions, records could be sealed once individuals with past convictions have fulfilled their obligations to society, which might include completing probation or compensating victims through restitution payments.

When states conceal certain records, such as through the sealing of criminal records as proposed in the GROW Act in Ohio, it can impact background checks in several ways.

With the concealing and expungement of records, we may see delays in background check results due to new criteria in which searches will need to be conducted.

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