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Maine Enacts Salary History Ban

Effective September 17, 2019, Maine employers are prohibited from asking about a prospective employee’s compensation history until after the employer has extended a job offer that includes compensation terms. The law also prohibits employers from making such inquiries...

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New Mexico Bans the Box

Effective June 14, 2019, New Mexico employers are prohibited from inquiring about a job applicant’s arrest or conviction history on an initial employment application (written or electronic).  Employers may still ask about a job applicant’s criminal record in the...

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Background Screening Solves 20 Year Old Cold Case

Detectives in Florida worked for years trying to capture Sondra Better’s killer.  Despite the blood, fingerprints, and DNA he left behind, he seemed to disappear.  That was until Todd Barket, 51, applied for a job a few months ago that required a background check and...

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