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Pennsylvania Clean Slate Law Expands Criminal Record Sealing


Pennsylvania’s recent legislation allows for more criminal records to be sealed, and potentially reducing the number of individuals placed on probation or housed in county jails.

The new probation law aims to:
  • Limit the length of probation.
  • Prevent individuals from being sent back to jail for minor probation violations.
The second law will:
  • Permit courts to seal criminal records related to non-violent drug felonies with a minimum sentence of under 2 ½ years and/or a maximum sentence of under 5 years.
  • Enables the sealing of specific non-violent felonies for individuals with a clean record for 10 years.
  • Shorten the waiting period for the automatic sealing of misdemeanors to 7 years instead of 10.

The legislation also bars courts from extending an individual’s probation due to an inability to pay fines or court costs if they are determined to be financially incapable.

Both bills have been passed by the House and Senate.

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