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Recidivism Tragedy: Man with Extensive Criminal History Tied to Miami Detective Death


Miami-Dade Detective Cesar Echaverry (29) was recently shot killed in the line of duty while serving and protecting his community. He was attempting to stop a robbery suspect who was wanted for an earlier robbery in nearby Broward County. As the suspect tried to flee in his car, he drove into police vehicles and a civilian vehicle, where the three occupants later had to be hospitalized due to their injuries. A confrontation and gunfire followed shortly after he then tried to escape on foot.

After shooting Detective Echaverry, the suspect was shot and died at the scene. He had a lengthy criminal record, several of which were violent in nature for assault of a woman, kidnapping of a child, aggravated assault on an officer, and domestic violence.

Once again, the tragic effects of recidivism result in the worst of circumstance. How many chances should someone get before we more closely consider those who aren’t getting a second chance at life?

The courts and legislatures around our country need to balance the importance of reintegration after incarceration with the safety of their communities. Like most issues, it is a complex topic, but the stakes are too high not to work together for a better solution.

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