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“Forced Retirement” Imposed on Recidivist Drug Trafficker


For years, Reymundo Garcia, a recidivist criminal, had been a member of a large drug trafficking organization in the state of Washington. During the course of an investigation by the FBI, “law enforcement officers seized multiple pounds of methamphetamine, several hundred fentanyl laced pills, heroin, and numerous stolen firearms and ammunition.” Last year, Garcia pleaded guilty to engaging in a conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of pure methamphetamine, and as part of the plea agreement, had to forfeit his ranch, which he had used to facilitate this drug trafficking.


But this wasn’t his first run-in with the law. Garcia had been convicted in federal court on two prior occasions for drug trafficking and firearms possession. Chief Judge Bastian noted this history and that selling methamphetamine and heroin had been Garcia’s primary way of life, as demonstrated by the use of his very residence for his criminal activity lifestyle. As a result, the judge imposed what he described as “forced retirement” for the recidivist drug trafficker from this criminal conduct to protect the community. Garcia was sentenced to 135 months (more than eleven years) of imprisonment, to be followed by a five-year term of court supervision after he is released from federal prison.


Vanessa R. Waldref, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Washington. “Today’s sentence takes a serious, recidivist drug trafficker off the streets and sends a clear message to others who might choose to engage in similar activity: we are committed to ensuring a safe and strong Eastern Washington community, and this kind of conduct will be ferreted out, investigated, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”


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We have talked about the tragic effects of recidivism and that far too often, courts seem not to take those effects into account more in their sentencing. In this case though, the court did just that.


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