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Recidivist Man Arrested in Alabama Leaves People Asking Why He was Out of Jail


Austin Hall, the recidivist accused of shooting two Bibb County Deputies, killing 32-year-old Deputy Brad Johnson, has an extensive criminal history, leaving many asking why he wasn’t behind bars in the first place. And they aren’t wrong to ask. Court records show over 40 criminal charges since 2012, ranging from drug possession to burglary to theft to resisting arrest. Hall also has two assault charges, including assaulting a corrections officer at the jail in 2020. In April, he bonded out on a recent charge.

“When I saw his name and picture, I thought why is this guy out of jail?” said Oxford Police Chief, Bill Partridge. He continued, “We deal with people over and over and over again who go through the justice system and come right back out again and [serve] very little to no time. They are continuing to victimize people. They are continuing to shoot people. They are continuing to murder people. It has to stop. They have to hold people accountable for what they are doing, especially these violent criminals,” said Partridge. “Everything should be looked at. Obviously, something is not working.”

Steve Marshall, the Attorney General in the case, issued a similar sentiment. “My Office is closely scrutinizing the policies that allowed for a violent offender, like Hall, to walk free. The justice system failed these officers and I will do everything in my power to ensure that doesn’t happen again.”

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Recidivist Tragedies

Once again, the tragic effects of recidivism play out in the worst of circumstance. With all of these second, third, fourth, and even more chances, where is the empathy and consideration for the families grieving the loss of a loved one who isn’t getting a second chance at life?

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