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Recidivist Man Accused of Murdering Parents has Violent Criminal History


A man who stabbed and killed his parents and left another person critically injured in Rochester, New York last week, had a lengthy criminal history.  Court documents have now shown that his previous crimes spanned over ten years, including criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation, multiple charges of assault, harassment, resisting arrest, theft of services, and robbery. Some of these charges were incurred after he allegedly tried to break into his parents’ home. At that time, when the court only gave the man probation and ordered anger management classes, his father filed an order of protection against him. Sadly, for him and his wife, this order did not protect them from their own son.

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Once again, the tragic effects of recidivism result in the worst of circumstances. In this particular instance, with the person’s very own family. How many chances should someone get before we more closely consider those who aren’t getting a second chance at life?

The courts and legislatures around our country need to balance the importance of reintegration after incarceration with the safety of their communities. Like most issues, it is a complex topic, but the stakes are too high not to work together for a better solution.

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