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Recidivist Offenders: Missouri Prosecutor Discouraged with “Catch-and-Release” Justice System


After a recidivist offender was charged with burglarizing both a business and a nearby home in the same morning, a Newton County Prosecuting Attorney said it was “disheartening” that the state engages in a catch-and-release system of justice. He noted, “The amount of resources wasted on chasing repeat offenders that should still be in prison is innumerable.”

Over the years, the accused has been sentenced to a total of 74 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections, but to date, has only spent 10 years and two months there. In this particular case, “He was sentenced to seven years  … in October of 2020 and was released after 12 months.”

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Unfortunately, while this is a different state, a different criminal, and different victims, the story remains the same. An recidivist who should have been in prison is on the streets to commit more crimes, begging the question – How many chances should they get before we start prioritizing innocent victims first?

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