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Suspect Charged with Murdering Two Dallas Nurses was Wearing Ankle Monitor

criminal history

The suspect charged with capital murder in the fatal shooting of two Dallas hospital employees was on parole at the time with a lengthy criminal history, including robbery, possession, theft, burglary, and assault of a public servant in Dallas County alone. He had been released on parole with electronic monitoring last October after a 2015 indictment involving a violent assault on a woman, leaving her with a broken nose and fractured eye.

The suspect had been given permission to be at the hospital with his significant other for the birth of her child, at which time he was wearing an active ankle monitor.

Shortly after the tragic events, Dallas police chief Eddie Garcia called the shooting “an abhorrent failure of our criminal justice system.”

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Unfortunately, we must talk extensively about #recidivism and about how far too many judges and juries don’t appear to pay enough attention to extensive criminal histories before allowing people back on the street to hurt someone else.

As always, Hire Image is here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions about the effects of #recidivism or your own background screening practices.

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