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Charlotte Police Fight Increase in Shoplifting Recidivism


According to Charlotte, North Carolina police, there is a new “profession” in the city … shoplifting. And it’s “workers” seem to have a lot of experience. The police warn that home improvement stores, Walmart stores, and grocery stores are being targeted by people making a living from shoplifting.

“People don’t care,” Detective Anthony Finocchio said of those committing these crimes. “They’ve been arrested 150 times.”

Charlotte police are frustrated that they continue to arrest the same people over and over again. “How [is it] possible that they continue to do this and victimize the innocent?” Finnochio asked.

One of the ongoing investigations began in January of this year after Home Depot retail theft investigators identified a repeat suspect who would steal expensive tools from Home Depot stores in the area. The investigation found that this particular suspect had stolen $250,000 – $300,000 of new power tools and then proceeded to sell them online at a discount.

Through numerous undercover operations, detectives discovered multiple suspects’ identities, resulting in six arrests from this one investigation.

Charlotte police advise individuals to call 911 if they witness organized retail crimes and be on the lookout for things that don’t look right – for example, new goods being sold far under value online.

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We will continue to make you aware of these recidivism stories. We couldn’t agree more with second chances, but exactly how many chances should there be before we start prioritizing others?

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