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The Hire Image Human Touch

One of the ways in which Hire Image is set apart from others is that when we talk about our core values of Integrity, Dependability, Service, and Desire to be the Best, we are not just talking about our clients, but also about their applicants. Our job is to create a seamless background screening process for you both – and we take that job very seriously.

Applicants want convenience, and they want transparency. Ultimately, they want to get through the process and get to work. With this in mind, we ensure applicants have the best experience they can as they prepare for their new employment journey – we like to call it the “Hire Image Human Touch.”

To start, applicants receive a link from Hire Image with the required disclosure and authorization forms. The information also contains our contact information should the applicant need any assistance. When calling Hire Image, applicants speak to a person in our office, not an automated voice attendant or an operator in a call center outside of the United States. If an applicant calls regarding their criminal record, they speak to our Criminal Records Director, who has prior law enforcement experience, and who takes the time to explain the system to them and what they need to do if they thought their record was expunged, but learned later that it was not.

Applicant Experience

The ‘human touch’ is also evident in the way we contact applicants. Based on client preferences, we can reach out to them directly to obtain any needed information to complete the background check. We’ll reach out by phone and/or email letting the applicant know what is needed from them and how to return the information to our office. If documents are needed, we have a secure upload site where applicants can upload their documents. If your applicants have questions or need additional information from our office, they’ll have a dedicated team at Hire Image who can assist them.

By working together and helping applicants navigate the background screening process, we help ensure a positive applicant experience throughout.

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